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A drugs Free Generation!

SAPTA is an acronym for Support for Addictions Prevention and Treatment in Africa.

Sapta for Kibra was founded in 2016 and is a nonprofit community Based Organization. A group of youths met Dr. Bill William Sinkele to discuss about Drugs abuse in kibera.  They were concerned about the use of alcohol and drugs abuse in kibra among the youths and school going childrens.. The youths received training from SAPTA and they were deployed  to educate the youths and adult in community about the effects of alcohol and drugs abuse. The group boast to have  trainers and educators to provide prevention training for adults from all faces of the community.

Sapta for Kibra is now one of unique Community Based Organisation based in slum to offer counselling free of charge to adults and youths from the slums. Sapta for Kibra continues to offer, develop, implement, facilitates and coordinate violence, tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention, and education activities.

Sapta for Kibra programs help to develop healthy, capable, caring young people who value themselves, others and their community and who make positive, healthy lifestyle choices.



                                         Mission statement

Sapta for Kibrais committed to providing education,resources, and prevention tools to youths and students in order to promote healthy lifestyles and responsible alcohol use.. SAPTA FOR KIBRA welcomes youths and students in recovery, or those looking to explore their alcohol and other drug use, to utilize the programs and services offered such as attending  individual or group counseling. Programs and services provided by Sapta for Kibra incorporate current, empirically supported approaches in order to effectively promote student health and wellness.

                                            Our Philosophy

1. EDUCATE Kibra Community about risks associated with using                alcohol and other drugs.

2. EMPOWER students to make informed decisions related to use of          alcohol and other drugs.

3. EMPHASIZE an awareness of choice, personal responsibility, and           understanding of consequences in deciding to use alcohol and              other drugs.

4. ENCOURAGE the Youths and students to help prevent alcohol and        drug-related incidents.

5. CREATE Kibra environment that enables community members to          fully enjoy the benefits of drugs free generation.

Dr. Bill (William) Sinkele
(Patron Sapta for Kibra)

Founder SAPTA

Gabriel Nerima Oboki
Chairman Sapta for Kibra

A member of YALI ( Young African Leaders Initiative)

Jimiah Muema Mohamed
Secretary Sapta for Kibra

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